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Buying a Touring Caravan

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Reasons why your next touring caravan is close

There are many reasons as to why you should look to buy your next touring caravan from someone like Kingswood caravans in Bristol.

If you buy from experts in the industry, who have reputations to keep up, then you can ensure that you don’t end up owning a tip on wheels.

Most caravans you buy, previously owned, from a dealer such as Kingswood in Bristol will have been supplied as new and the previous owners are well known to the dealership, the history is available to see, and you will also notice how well the caravans in Bristol have been looked after. Caravan dealers in Bristol will only want to resell items that will not cause them headaches down the line and ruin their reputations.

There are so many items that can go wrong with your caravan and you need the peace of mind that these touring caravans for sale in Bristol have had all the correct checks carried out by reputable caravan resellers before they are put up for sale.

Some Of The Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong With Touring Caravans Are:

Internal repairs needed to items, such as showers and toilets, fridges and sinks. Remember the plumbing in your house isn’t dragged up and down the A303 every year at 50 miles per hour so things are bound to come loose and maybe cause issues that can be unseen for many years until it’s too late to do anything about them and they become very costly to fix or replace.

If you are buying a touring caravan in Bristol that has air conditioning, then you need to ensure that this has been fully checked and also re-gassed by a machine that only specialist caravan dealers in Bristol have available.

All the parts inside the air conditioning unit must also be checked and you must see evidence of annual servicing which will hopefully prevent problems further down the line.

The electrics supplying your caravan’s facilities need also to have been fully tested by a qualified electrician specialising in cars and caravans, fire can be a real danger in a caravan if the electrics have become faulty and not been regularly checked out properly.

Only a caravan dealer will go to these lengths to protect you. Buy privately and buy at your peril!

Most caravans use a dual battery system to power everything so make sure the dealer who is selling your touring caravan in Bristol, has all the history on this too. These can be very expensive to replace and turn your so-called “bargain buy” into a nightmare purchase.

Even if you are an experienced caravanner who has purchased many touring vans over the years you must look at purchasing your next van through a recommended caravan dealer in Bristol.

Such a dealer, Kingswood Caravans, have over 50 years of experience in selling caravans in Bristol and know the ins and outs of every model, only selling the very best examples of touring caravans to their loyal client base. They are Bristol’s largest used touring caravan centre as well as being Bristol’s largest supplier of Calor gas

We hope that this article has shown that if you are considering purchasing a touring caravan for sale in Bristol then you need to buy through a reputable dealer who has all the servicing facilities available and only sells the best quality used caravans on the market.

It’s always worth paying that little bit more to get a lot better quality and a reliable guarantee should anything go wrong in the future. Thanks for reading about touring caravans in Bristol.

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