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We stock all Calor Gas bottles and Campingaz cylinders

Cleaner and better for the environment – Calor Gas is the perfect type of gas to use when you are on the road, living off the grid or simply entertaining at home. LPG has a wide range of applications and benefits, especially if you are looking to make the switch from other fuel sources.

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When you are on a caravan or a camping trip – you can use butane or propane gas. As a general rule of thumb, butane gas is better in the summer due to higher freezing points whereas propane can be used all year round.

Camping, Caravan & Motorhome Gas

Camping & Caravan gas bottles
These small calor gas bottles and cylinders can be used for camping, in your caravan, campervan, motorhome, horsebox or boat as they are ideal for a wide range of appliances such as heating and cooking.

Portable Heater Gas

Portable Heater


These Butane gas cylinders are ideal for both small and large indoor portable heaters.

Alfresco, BBQ & Patio Gas

Camping & Caravan gas bottles

The 5kg Patio gas cylinder is the perfect choice for powering small & medium BBQ’s, pizza ovens or table top heaters.

The 13kg Patio gas cylinder is ideal for large BBQ’s and patio heaters.

Commercial, Static Caravan & Lodge Gas

Commercial gas available

This range of Propane Calor Gas cylinders are ideal, for a large range of uses such as industrial burners and blowtorches, commercial heating and cooking, for static caravans or even for homeowners that are not on the main piped gas network.

Forklift Autogas

Calor Autogas


This liquid take off gas cylinder is designed for use on forklift trucks.

Campingaz Gas


Being smaller than Calor Gas these refillable Campingaz cylinders are ideal for use when space is at a premium, especially in campervan conversions.

Unlike Calor Gas these cylinders are exchangeable in many countries across mainland Europe.


Discontinued Size: Replacement Size:
Butane 4.5kgThe Butane 4.5kg cylinder has been discontinued. Stock is no longer available so it will need to be exchanged for a Butane 7kg.Butane 7kg
Propane 3.9kgThe Propane 3.9kg and 6kg Lite cylinders have been discontinued. Stock is no longer available so they will need to be exchanged for a Propane 6kg.Propane 6kg Lite cylinders
Butane 12kg cylinderThe Butane 12kg cylinder has been discontinued. Stock is no longer available so it will need to be exchanged for a Butane 15kg.Butane 15kg
The Butane BBQ cylinderThe Butane BBQ cylinder is discontinued and there is no replacement for it.

We stock all Calor Gas bottles, small calor gas bottles and Campingaz cylinders

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Calor Gas is the most well known and established supplier of bottled LP Gas in the UK! A totally reliable and dependable brand name, Calor Gas is the company name but does not describe the gas contained in the bottle. Calor Gas Cylinders and refills are available in both Propane and Butaneand there is a wide selection of bottle sizes.

Calor Gas is an essential part of your caravan equipment used to power your cooking appliances, heating and refrigerator. Calor Gas can supply gases for many different uses including touring and static caravans, motorhomes, horse boxes, boats and camping equipment.

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