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Caravan Hire – Your Complete Guide

Hire a caravan and plan your next holiday

Welcome to our article on caravan hire, in this article we will aim to give you all the relevant information you need if you are thinking, or indeed planning, to hire a caravan this summer.

This handy guide from Kingswood Caravan Hire in Bristol should give you all the k knowledge you need to safely plan your next caravan holiday in the UK or abroad.

In the current climate, a staycation holiday is all the rage. With rules around quarantine constantly being updated for travellers returning to the UK from other European destinations and beyond we are seeing a record rise in the number of holidays now being organised and take within the UK.

Also, with social distancing and many other rules staying in place for the foreseeable future what better than to hire your own self-contained, covid free secure environment.

With a caravan, prices to buy increasing due to the demand outstripping the supply the sensible money this year is on hiring a van rather than buying and selling at a certain loss at a later date.

If you are new to caravanning too then why not try before you buy and hire a self-tow caravan, that is available throughout the year not just in the summer and explore the UK’s many picturesque hotspots. If you are looking to arrange for Caravan Hire in Bristol – get in touch with our team today!

Buying vs Renting a Caravan

When you buy a caravan it’s like buying another home, it’s not just the cost of the van itself but the fittings and furnishings too that you have to consider meaning the total cost can leap up very quickly. When you hire a caravan from Kingswood Caravan Hire all of the items you need to enjoy a wonderful, luxury camping holiday are included in the price.

Everything from an electric hook up option, gas supply, specialist toilet paper so as not to block the chemical toilet and all the crockery and cooking supplies you need to name but a few. It’s like renting an apartment rather than a hotel room but of course, this one is on wheels so you can take it anywhere you wish to.

At Bristol’s largest caravan and camping centre they stock the self-tow caravans with literally everything apart from food and drink that you will need on your holiday, and they even supply a wheel clamp and caravan insurance for your extra security.

We recommend if you are new to caravanning that you join the caravan club. Here you can plan your stays throughout the country as they are going to be busy this year. You can choose the best campsites that fit your needs and the facilities that you require to make your caravanning holiday live up to its expectations.

It will help you plan how far between sites you wish to travel each day or if you want to stay at certain campsites for extended periods or not. Remember, towing a caravan can limit you on the speed you are allowed to safely travel at as well as finding some roads difficult to navigate through if you are an inexperienced caravan tower.

It will also help you connect with your favourite activities such as hiking, walking, surfing etc so you choose the right campsites for you and your family.

Renting a Caravan from Kingswood Caravans

Our caravans come in very different sizes and layouts catering for all types of hire. Our friendly caravan hire experts will be able to recommend the right van for you and they will be able to answer any questions you may have about travelling with a caravan.

Caravan Hire Bristol
There are as many as 555,000 touring caravans active in the UK and over 225,000 motor homes so you are in good company, the industry is well established, and you will be amazed when you rent a self-tow caravan how much of the UK is geared towards the camping community.

With over 2500 static caravan parks also the UK has a great supply of venues ready to put you up. Holidays in the UK this year, because of the current restrictions have doubled and now account for 20% of all holidays taken, possibly more now that the restrictions have been extended in the middle of our summertime.

All self-tow caravans are totally cleaned and sanitised before each use and as you are possibly the only people using the inside facilities then you have a covid secure environment all to yourselves for the length of your holiday.

The caravans also come with awnings too so you can really maximise your living space whilst in a park, fold-away tables and chairs mean as long as the weather holds up you can all enjoy alfresco dining experiences every night of your holiday should you wish to.

Self-tow caravans come in a variety of sizes to suit most families, from 2-bed all the way up to 5-bed vans and some even come with a fixed double bed ensuring you a great night’s sleep just like you were in a hotel only probably with a better view.

Season price changes are commonplace in the caravan hire industry with most caravan hirers offering an early season price from 1st of April to the 30th of June, a peak season period from 1st of July to 31st of August, a late-season cost between 1st of September and the 31st of October and the off-season option between the 1st of November to the 31st of March.

Please don’t be put off though hiring a caravan in the winter months, they all come with great heating systems and some of the best views of places such as The Highlands, The Lakes and The Dales can be at this time. Don’t forget also that Northern France is only a day trip away too.

Hopefully, our article on hiring a self-tow caravan for a holiday in the UK this year has been useful and given you plenty to think about. In summary, we suggest try before you buy, especially this year, join the Caravan Club, and hire from experts such as Kingswood Caravan Hire where everything you need is included.

We look forward to seeing you caravanning around Britain for many years to come.

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