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Cleaner and better for the environment – Calor Gas is the perfect type of gas to use when you are on the road or living off the grid. LPG has a wide range of applications and benefits, especially if you are looking to make the switch from other fuel sources to this type of fuel. Whether you are on a camping trip or on your next adventure with your caravan – we highly recommend that you consider using Calor Gas or Campingaz. Get in touch now to order your Calor Gas in Bristol or Campingaz in Bristol.


When you are on a caravan trip or a camping trip – you can use butane or propane gas. There are a number of appliances that use propane or butane so the appliance that suits you is down to your personal preferences. As a general rule of thumb, butane gas is better in the summer due to higher freezing points whereas propane can be used all year round. Butane Calor Gas Cylinders are blue and are available in 4.5kg, 7kg and 15kg sizes. Propane Calor Gas Cylinders are red and are available in 3.9kg, 6kg and 13kg sizes.