Roof Lining – Fiesta Air PRO 420


This Roof Lining is designed to fit:

Kampa Fiesta Air PRO 420 (2015-2017 models)

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Product Description


This new and improved luxury roof lining is made from a polycotton material and simply clips into place with the toggles already sewn into the roof of the awning.

Not only does the roof lining help to keep the awning cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months it also has the added bonus of reducing condensation build up that can often be associated with lightweight awnings.

Using the Kampa roof lining maintains the ability to use an inner tent if required as it has small slits in the fabric allowing you to still be able to hang the inner tent.

As an added bonus the roof lining also covers the unsightly air tubes in the roof of the awning creating a more homely atmosphere.