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Selling Your Caravan to a Reputable Dealer

This article looks at the benefits of selling your caravan to a local Bristol caravan dealer as opposed to a private sale of your caravan in Bristol.

If you have a caravan and are looking to either just sell it or you may be looking at getting a bigger, smaller, newer or older version then by far the safest and easiest way to do this in Bristol is to trade your prized caravan in with a dealer who appreciates all the good qualities of your beloved van. Kingswood caravans in Bristol will buy your caravan even if you are not looking to get another one to replace it.

With an in-house team of caravan experts who can refurbish, service and spruce up a previously owned caravan and then have a partner network of dealers and thousands of customers to sell it too they are able to give you top market value whichever caravan you want to sell.

No waiting around for private buyers to turn up at your home, or not as the case may be, no more having to arrange troublesome test drives for potential buyers, just drive it into Kingswood Caravans in Bristol and they will take it off your hands the same day.

Kings wood Caravans in Bristol buy and sell the following manufacturers of Caravans, Bailey caravans, Swift caravans, Eldis caravans, Sterling caravans and Lunar caravans amongst others so if you are looking to sell your caravan just pop into our dealership for a great price and service.

Risks of Selling Your Caravan Privately

One of the most common scams these days involves bank transfers of funds, and you open yourself up to being defrauded if you sell your caravan privately. Often these scams are so advanced that you believe the money is in your account when actually it has not been sent.

Your prized caravan is gone, and you have nothing to show for it. If you use a recommended and authorised caravan dealer then you eliminate all the risks in the transaction.

At Kingswood camping and caravan centre, we can also offer a part exchange package for your caravan on any of our camping equipment to so even if you are leaving the world of caravanning behind you, we have a massive range of tents and other camping equipment which could prolong your outdoor holidaying adventure.

Most holiday parks now offer plenty of space for tents with all the facilities you would wish for so feel free to have a look and see if you would like to part exchange your caravan for some tenting equipment.

Of course, you can use some of the part exchange prices towards this and have the balance in cash paid into your account the very same day.

Selling Your Caravan to a Trusted Dealer

Selling Your Caravan to a Reputable Dealer

We have over 50 years of experience within this industry and have been established in Bristol for over 40 years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers over this period.

We have a large selection of pre-owned caravans on display often from the old to the latest models.

We also have an extensive accessory showroom with a helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff with a vast range of camping and caravanning equipment in stock.

We are Bristol’s largest Calor Gas stockist.

Over the years we have seen them come and seen them go so as we are still here after over 40 years, we must be doing something right. Keeping the customer as our top priority has always been our motto and if you are looking to buy or sell a caravan in or around the Bristol area then Kingswood caravan and camping centre must be your first choice.

Time is a commodity you cannot put a price on in all aspects of life and selling your caravan is no different. The number of time wasters you can attract when selling your caravan privately is unbelievable, most people looking to get into caravanning for the first time and looking for a so-called bargain when they really have no idea of what they want or need.

Spending hours looking for any imperfection, hours of your time more accurately, asking hundreds of questions, demanding test drives, RAC inspections etc the list is endless.

Or the alternative is to hook your caravan up to your car and drive it to Kingswood caravans, ask one of our experts to look over it whilst you enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee in our showroom, pass over your bank details and drive home with your cash safely transferred into your account the very same day. It’s an easy choice when looking to sell your caravan in Bristol.

It’s not been unknown either for a customer to come to us seeking to sell their caravan but actually to decide to keep it and let us help restore and service it back to a as new standard for them. Our clients have then gotten years more worth out of commodity they thought about selling but instead had refurbished with Kingswood Camping and Caravanning.

One of the most popular items to enhance your caravanning experience is to add an awning to the side giving you much more usable space and more protection against the Great British weather. For just a small extra cost you can change your whole caravanning experience and perhaps not need to sell your caravan after all.

Thanks for reading about why it’s always best to sell your caravan to a local caravan dealer rather than selling it privately. Some of the ideas above may even have convinced you to either keep your caravan, upgrade your current caravan with accessories such as calor gas, and an awning, or even trade your caravan in for a new caravan or even a complete tenting experience to continue your love of the outdoors.

If you would like to proceed with any of the above, then please just come into Kingswood Caravan & Camping Centre and we will be glad to help.

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