Kingswood caravan and camping centre in Bristol


Caravans may be used all year round but when not in use, even for short periods, your caravan will need to be winterised – one night of freezing temperatures could cause expensive damage to components.

Water System

  1. The water heater must be drained – depending on what type of heater you have the drain plug valve is located either externally by the bottom corner of the heater or under the bed locker next to the water heater. When the plug is removed or the valve opened the water heater should then empty.
  2. Remove tap spouts and shower heads, open all taps, remove filter if fitted. The submersible pump should be stored in a dry place.

Cassette Toilet

The top tank should be drained (the drain point is normally inside the external door).

Storing the caravan

Remove all linen, blankets etc. Open all cupboard/locker doors. Ensure all roof lights and windows are shut. Check fixed ventilation points are not obstructed. If possible, store caravan with handbrake off – if this is not possible release it at regular intervals.

Setting up caravan

Water System

  1. Replace/close all drain valves.
  2. Replace showerheads/tap spouts.
  3. Close all taps.
  4. Check all plumbing connections.
  5. It is recommended at this point to sterilise your water container and flush the system with sterilising fluid.
  6. If you have a filter, replace after flushing.


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